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The structural outline for a future infrastructure

Saturday, 30 April 2016 14:39

The Technate and Holonic forms of Governance

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Ultimately, when we look beyond historical figures and wars, and the establishment and collapse of civilizations, the true trend of human history can start to emerge. The truth of the matter is that human history is characterised by amplifying human impact on the environment by the utilization of amplifiers – namely technological innovations which harness energy and perform work in less time and with more energy input than human labour could achieve on its own. 

Monday, 01 February 2016 22:13

A Technocratic Eco-Unit

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An eco-unit is an ecomimetic settlement invented by Folke Günther M.Sc. It is currently being implemented by a group led by Stephen Hinton ( in Sweden. Ecomimetic means “mimicking ecosystems”, as opposed to biomimetic, which means “mimicking biology”. The proposed technocratic eco-unit (TEU) is an eco-unit that has technocratic proposals implemented in it. In this article, the original eco-unit concept is presented, followed by the proposed technocratic modifications to the concept, and finally an analysis of advantages and potential problems with the TEU design. Since this is an exploratory article, further research is recommended before implementation of a TEU.