The Future City Project: Eco-lab

The Future City Project: Eco-lab is a project scheduled to take place during 2016 and 2017,and aims to construct a youth centre in Umeå, focused on programming, 3D-printing and design, where youths would attain valuable skills in project leadership and would be able to use printers, computers and other achinery to both aid them in their own collaborative projects as well as help facilitate local sustainability.

How we work

Evolutionary development

What characterizes most processes is emergence, namely that the interacting actions from many different actors unintentionally are creating an environment. This is especially true of nature, where complex eco-systems defined by dynamic equilibrium arise from the life desire of organisms trying to survive. 

What is an EOS Project?

Growing the future, seed by seed

EOS Projects are local and regional engagements by the EOS, aiming towards improving ecological, social and economic sustainability where it matters, in communities, public spaces and neighborhoods. The projects should aim to improve the conditions for life, improve self-sufficiency and increase the knowledge and resilience of local communities, allowing them to attain a greater degree of autonomy over their local area.