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When a citizen, in their position as user, allocates Energy Units from their to what they want produced for themselves. Most likely conducted through online systems. Allocated Energy Units are transformed into production orders sent to relevant holons and thereafter ceases to exist in any other form than as imprint of an order.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Units, Holon
An Accounting Period

Time is divided into fixed periods of x, during which the civilisationary productive capabilities under the Global Ecological Budget Ceiling are measured. This will determine the period budget of the human civilization, and how large the Exergy Pool distributed to citizens and holons would be.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Survey, Exergy Pool

Decision-making should be transparent and logged to give optimal opportunities for feedback and peer review within and between holons, institutions and producers.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Light, Technate