I have a background as a political scientist and analyst and have worked with many projects related to  the  EOS  in  particular  and  sustainability.  Since  many  years  back,  I  have  been  engaged  in sustainability issues from a systemic perspective, and my commitment is towards facilitating positive change regarding how the human civilization engages with its surroundings. When the EOS started to coalesce as an intellectual group, I was already involved in this movement, and in May 2015 I was elected Chairperson of the EOS.

My vision for the future is the foundation of an ecologically and socially sustainable  civilization on Earth, where every human being can be able to reach their highest potential. I can see before me a wide  diversity  of  cultures,  lifestyles  and  codes  emerge,  all  divergent  yet  unified  by  an  ethos  of creating the  optimal  conditions for  life  on  Earth.  I  am working for  EOS to  have  an  impact  on this process. 

The  best thing with  being  involved  in the  EOS  is the  opportunity to work together with  a  diverse collection of movements and individuals which together are aiming to save the Earth, and to see the projects come into fruition.