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Earth Organisation for Sustainability, the


A think tank, research and activist organisation devoted to designing an alternative to the Current Civilization, espousing the Design and basing its values on the Ideology (of the Third Millennium). Is currently composed of a small number of activists, aims to organise in semi-autonomous holons.

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A process of mental software installation, to make it possible for an individual to evaluate and produce knowledge, to understand the scientific method and derive meaning from experiences. To give the individual the intellectual tools to separate their conscious self from their preferences, opinions, experiences and cultural/social background.

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Synonyms - Light

The amount of energy it takes to perform a task. The basis for cost evaluation under Energy Accounting.

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Synonyms - Energy Accounting
Energy Accounting

A hypothetical post-monetary financial system of the Future Civilization. It is administered by the Technate, and is a process where the global Exergy Pool within the planetary renewal capacity is continuously measured through an Energy Survey and then distributed by the Technate to the institutions and citizens of the Future Civilization in the form of Energy Units. All operations requiring the extraction or usage of resources would be price-tagged according to the aggregated cost of the operation itself plus the cost of restoring or compensating all environmental damage.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Survey, Energy Units, Energy Pool
Energy Pool

A post-monetary currency which consists of fractions of the Energy Pool, are issued by the Technate and immediately distributed to the holons and individual citizens of the human civilization. The holons, infrastructure or production-related, use their shares as budgets for operations, whereas the citizens allocate their shares to what they want produced for themselves. Energy Units not used when a new Accounting Period begins will cease to exist as all accounts will be reset, thus they cannot be saved. They also cease to exist in usable form when allocated. Their value is based on them being fractions of the total Energy Pool.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy, Energy Pool, Allocation, Distribution
Energy Survey

The process where hundreds if not thousands of holons are compiling data from numerous sources regarding extraction, production, production capacity, environmental factors, climate, waste management and energy usage to create a virtual, dynamic map of the human civilization’s ability to support its host species within the frames of the Global Ecological Budget Ceiling. Will be the basis on which the Exergy Pool and the Ceiling are based. Will be compiled through the Technate and be the basis of the Technate’s distribution.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Accounting, Energy Units, Global Ecological Budget Ceiling