Situation Report, October 2019

The BiodomeOn the 8th of June 2019, the EOS Biodome in the neighbourhood of Alidhem in Umea, Sweden, was opened in a grand ceremony, where a representative of the urban gardeners received the key from Enrique Lescure. Inside the dome, a green rainforest consisting of squash gradually took shape during late summer, and the structure has now become an important cornerstone of the urban gardener community.Read more: Situation Report, October 2019For us in the local EOS group in Umea, this project has been conducted under sometimes hostile conditions, with a limited budget. The entire production during the course of the 2017-2019 project has cost a total approximation of €3500, of which €1000 was a grant from Umea Energi (the local municipal heat provider) and €1000 support from Grön Ungdom, the youth branch of the Green Party. We are thankful to our donors.We are also thankful to our volunteers, without whom this cooperative effort could not have been realized. We hope that the dome will come to good use for many years to come, and are working on a solution to permanently secure the dome for the community of students, migrants and elders who are currently utilizing it.It has been an eventful journey, taught us many valuable things about interacting with communities. The structure stands as a beautiful testament to what cooperation can achieve.The Almedalen journey
Board members Enrique Lescure and Rickard Strandberg, together with Axel Brännström, travelled to Visby to partake in the annual Almedalen event ( where we represented the EOS. It was a fun and enriching experience, despite the sometimes challenging weather (we had to appropriate park benches to anchor our tent among other things).We had many interesting conversations and was given the opportunity to hand out cards.Rise we will
In September 2019, the independent musician Lonian released the single Rise we will, a song made for the EOS ( An acoustic cover was performed for the participants of the 2019 annual barbeque event.Welcome, Axel!
On the 21st of July 2019, Axel Brännström, a law student and multitalented globetrotter, was elected to the EOS Board. He is bringing with him experience in the field of politics. As the EOS is broadening its contact width and seeking cooperation with more partners, Axel is a trusted representative – who already represented the EOS at a meeting in Linköping, southern Sweden. We believe that he has valuable experiences.Axel will focus on the Svealand region of Sweden, networking with EOS members and sympathisers in the area, to contribute to the building of a sustainable future. His streak of independent thought and love for human autonomy is a valuable asset for the future.EOS Cascadia and the ERCS
The EOS was always meant as a de-centralized organization with strong regional presence and a horizontal networking structure. Therefore, it is with great pride and joy that we can present the first independently registered EOS association – the EOS Cascadia which is going to facilitate EOS projects centred from the US states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, as well as British Columbia. This group is headed by our colleague Lilium Carlson, who has been of immense help in our organisation.Lilium is also heading the ERCS project. The Earth Resource Coordination Project is by far the most important EOS project as of yet, as it will tangent the process of the Energy Survey, one of the three important aspects of the Design. The goal is a software programme and a platform capable of offering a visual representation of global resource usage, which can be utilized as a tool for transition.Lilium has already begun working on the ERCS project, and the wider movement stands ready to support her in that endeavour.The future civilizationChairperson Lescure has compiled a PDF text of a hundred pages summarizing the reasons we have a need for a global transition towards a sustainable society and how the EOS Design works. The document will soon be available on this website for free.All in all, despite the minuscule activity on this website, we have had an active period, which partially is the reason behind the silence you visitors have experienced. For this we apologize, but we look forward to more updates and the successful continuation of our projects.

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