On the 2020 transformation

The EOS Board has had its first meeting of 2020, and it marks the beginning of a transition process which shall be finished at August of 2020 and will mark the transformation of the EOS into a truly holonic movement, consisting of multiple autonomous local groups. This development will also the abolishment of the global Board and the division of its responsibilities. It should be noted that this does not represent a novelty but rather is adapting form after functionality in a manner which is consistent.

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 It could be said that the current structure is Ad Hoc-based and arose from 1) the failure of the Terran Technate Consortium to form an umbrella structure with other similar movements within the RBE sphere, and 2) the need to administer and fund projects such as the Biodome. While the Board was intended to work in a specific manner, the de-facto result saw it focus very much on specific projects. Meanwhile, this structure created the impression that the EOS is a centralized, top-down organization with little autonomy for local initiative, which always has been far from the truth. However, what has been closer to the truth is that the Board has more worked like a forum for disseminating and discussing the on-going projects and their development each month, and that without the ability (or need) to set up time tables (except for matters pertaining the website, the organization’s finances and other matters of importance to the organization). Thus, the Board has for all intents and purposes been relegated to the Board Group and to the monthly meetings. This kind of operational structure could be reformed in a manner more consistent with the methodology which has served us best.

A new structure for the 2020’s

 The new structure will see the functions of the Board divided into two new organs. Both of these organs will be defined as serving the purposes of the movement, rather than leading it. Coordinator team The coordinator team consists of those members and employees of the EOS who are responsible for the management of the website, the Youtube channel, the pod and other organization communication channels for the movement to utilize, as well as the finances. The CT will be liable before the Holons, represented by the AGMC, and its members can be replaced by the AGMC.   


The Annual General Meeting will in the future, as it is now, be the point where the organization’s agenda is set forth. To anchor the decisions within the movement, the organization-wide Board shall be dissolved and its functions transferred to a steering committee elected by the Holons for a one-year mandate, responsible for:

  • Setting up a budget for the website, the registrar and other organization-wide expenditures.
  • Planning and executing monthly meetings, extraordinary meetings and of course the Annual General Meetings.
  • Making decisions regarding complaints, for example from members excluded from individual Holons or from Holons which voice disconcert.
  • Ensuring that decisions are made in accordance with the Design, the Three Criteria and the Three L Model.
  • Propose amendments before the movement in the Annual General Meetings.


   Holons are autonomous units which may be centred on geographic locations or around projects. Several holons can be subdivisions of one larger holon working on a project. Small holons will have elected task coordinators, whereas larger holons probably will have their own steering committees which will be responsible for overseeing both the coordinators and the progress of the holon at large. The observant reader would have seen the similarity with the structure which will be utilized within the EOS starting from August 2020.

Summary of changes

  • From August 2020, the Board will be dissolved.
  • It will be replaced by the Annual General Meeting Committee, where all its members will be elected by individual holons (in the future it might be clusters of holons).
  • A coordinator team will be appointed by the Annual General Meeting to manage the website, finances and other aspects. These individuals are responsible before the AGMC.

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