On​ ​The​ ​importance​ ​of being​ ​social

In this time we have evolved in to a society that do not courage the development strong social bonds between humans. Even if internet and modern technology on the surface level have brought people closer globally, it has come with a darker side. Instead of touching someone’s cheek we are touching a screen, instead of building deeper relationships we walk past strangers, whom maybe if we dare to ask could have learn us something about life. People often live in fear of themself, afraid of what might happen if we are taking the step out of our comfort zones. I believe that the comfort and technology in today’s civilisation have grown at a much faster rate than our capacitivity to create good and healthy relationships toward each other. And the more connected the world is, the more and more important it is to learn new social skills. The social culture we are coming from are based on the family, friends and the working place, which risks to create filter bubbles. And beside that we have the others, but now when the world have come closer they who have been called the others have come in to or lives trough the phone, the computer, and the tablet.

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But here we have a problem, the problem is that by not seeing the person you communicate with you are actually missing important information about how they are feeling. We all know how it is to describe something over the internet to someone, maybe with a good intention. It can however quickly come out as rude, because the risk of hard consequences is lower. I see that technology can improve, with a more developed hologram tech we may find it easier. But i still think the most rewarding situations is when people meet in
person and learn from each other. Even some programmers of Facebook now think that social media are ripping apart the social fabric, which is why they have instituted changes in the algorithm

I also see an unwillingness to learn new social skills, it seems that we are stuck in old patterns of learning. Therefore it’s not an easy path to walk. But I think the way is that we should embrace the word “Fail” and see failures as an opportunity to learn. And be more curious about what we can find in ourself from what we experience in others. I want us as a movement to embrace the books and videos that are out there about social development to start a process of social sustainability.


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