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When a citizen, in their position as user, allocates Energy Units from their to what they want produced for themselves. Most likely conducted through online systems. Allocated Energy Units are transformed into production orders sent to relevant holons and thereafter ceases to exist in any other form than as imprint of an order.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Units, Holon
An Accounting Period

Time is divided into fixed periods of x, during which the civilisationary productive capabilities under the Global Ecological Budget Ceiling are measured. This will determine the period budget of the human civilization, and how large the Exergy Pool distributed to citizens and holons would be.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Survey, Exergy Pool

Decision-making should be transparent and logged to give optimal opportunities for feedback and peer review within and between holons, institutions and producers.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Light, Technate
Criteria, Three

The primary directive of the Design and the Future Civilization. The three criteria form a triangle within which any sustainable civilization must exist. First criteria: The human civilization must exist within the planetary renewal capacity. Second criteria, the human civilization needs a global blue and circular economy. Third criteria, no human being should be forced, directly or indirectly, to live in such destitution that their life and health is under threat.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Survey, see, Blue EconomCircular Economy, Distribution model, basic

Debt is the result of an agreement between two parts, a creditor and a debtor. The creditor lends a currency to the debtor who is from then until payment legally obliged to pay the debt, usually with an amount of interest as a percentage share of the debt owed.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Fractional Reserve Banking, Interest
Design, the

A model for the socioeconomic system of the Future Civilization, Post-Transition Era. Characterised by Energy Accounting as a post-monetary financial system, by the Technate as an infrastructural agent and by holonic organisation of civilization.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Accounting, Holons, Technate, the
Directive, Design


Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Criteria, Three
Directive, Ideology

The primary purpose of an advanced civilization is to create optimal conditions for life to flourish while still maintaining itself.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Life

The process of setting up individual and public Energy Share Accounts and uploading Energy Units to them. Is carried out by the Technate.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Survey, Energy Units, Technate
Distribution model, basic

A portion or the entire citizen share (Energy Units) of the Technate is distributed equally to every citizen of the Civilization.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Distribution
Distribution model, labour


A portion or the entire citizen share (Energy Units) of the Technate is distributed according to the time every citizen works as a producer within a holon.

Author - Enrique
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Distribution model, validated


A portion or the entire citizen share (Energy Units) of the Technate is distributed according to the amount of positive feedback of users, as well as the amount of users, rewarding popular producers and holons for products and services.

Author - Enrique
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Earth Organisation for Sustainability, the


A think tank, research and activist organisation devoted to designing an alternative to the Current Civilization, espousing the Design and basing its values on the Ideology (of the Third Millennium). Is currently composed of a small number of activists, aims to organise in semi-autonomous holons.

Author - Enrique
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A process of mental software installation, to make it possible for an individual to evaluate and produce knowledge, to understand the scientific method and derive meaning from experiences. To give the individual the intellectual tools to separate their conscious self from their preferences, opinions, experiences and cultural/social background.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Light

The amount of energy it takes to perform a task. The basis for cost evaluation under Energy Accounting.

Author - Enrique
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Synonyms - Energy Accounting