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The Earth Organisation for Sustainability is founded around a mission – to provide research to further a design for an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable future.

We believe that the current socio-economic system is inherently unstable and forces us to live beyond the means of the Earth.

Therefore, we aim to design and field test alternative systems aimed at achieving sustainability and a good quality of life.

The key is to live according to three criteria – to be enlightened about the state of the Earth and how we use resources, to use resources as wisely and frugally as possible, and to ensure that every human being on Earth have access to the resources they need to thrive.

We are staring into the most lethal challenge humanity has ever faced, and are on the beginning steps of the greatest adventure for mankind.


Featured Point of View

The Current Ecological Crisis

Life on Earth is not just an assembly of all living things, but also an intricate, diverse and complex self­regulating system striving towards a state known as a dynamic equilibrium. This means that when minor disturbances occur within the eco­systems, or because of outside disturbances, the eco­systems react in a manner that restores balance.

EOS Director Enrique Explains

The Three Criteria for a Sustainable Earth

As five critical life-supporting systems on our planet are under threat of collapsing, this is not the time to dream about alternate Utopias – instead it is the time to transcend the mental limits of our current socio-economic system. The central aspect is not how the socio-economic system for the future should operate in every detail, but that it achieves three very simple criteria, which together will create the basis for a steady-state economy, a dynamic equilibrium and human well-being on Earth.

Energy Accounting for beginners

The goal of the Earth Organisation for Sustainability follows from our understanding of the world’s problems today at the start of the third millennium. We argue that the human civilization currently is 1) utilizing resources and surface in a manner which disturbs climate, soils, freshwater reservoirs and ecosystems, 2) that this disturbance will cause a “loss of social complexity” and threaten the welfare of billions of human beings and 3) that the process which is causing these life-threatening environmental problems are caused by the current socio-economic system.

Our Articles

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  • The application of science to society

  • How to form a new culture

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