Reimagining our

Social Economics with EOS

Discover a sustainable alternative socioeconomic system that balances society, nature and does not require the use of money.

Achieve overall sustainability

By implementing the EOS Research sustainable socioeconomic system, achieve a sustainable balance between societal and natural demands without the use of money.

Impact the world with research

With research on the current social and economic system, we can uncover potential improvements and create a sustainable alternative. EOS offers the tools and resources to create a better future.

What We Do


How we are working

The EOS seeks to improve local ecological & social sustainability through projects such as bio domes, fabrication labs, green energy, educational projects, and aid programmes.


What we aim to do

The goal is to build a network of autonomous communities that produce goods, services and well-being to test the Design.

About Us

Earth Organisation for Sustainability – EOS

is a non-profit organization devoted to the research of alternative resource management and the implementation of ecological practices and technologies in order to create an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable future for humanity.



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