Future Engineers In The Making! Mission:

Inspire students and families to pursue education and career pathways in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), through community-based project learning and innovative programs. The implementation of an expanding learning strategy in before/after school and weekend environments using STEAM curriculum programs for families in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas.

Every dollar goes to help expand children’s minds and bring out the future engineer within each and every one! Your donation will go towards the purchase of new printers, art materials, travel expenses, competition registration fees, supplies, updated cars, robotic kits, and much more to allow an environment for each child’s imagination to be stimulated! Kids are excited to learn and it’s our responsibility to make sure all children are exposed, educated, encouraged, and assured of their future as “our future leaders and future engineers for the 2025 and beyond workforce”. Your donation helps assure we are able to reach as many children as possible with our expanded after school learning, innovation, and technology while reminding all children their minds are the technology at work for our future!

Global Biodiversity Protection works to protect wildlife and wild places mainly in Africa.

Protecting endangered species, fighting against deforestation, supporting national development while preserving natural resources. Our project is part of the recommendations of the Kyoto Summit (effective from 2005) on the environment was followed by the Copenhagen World Summit (from 7 to 18 December 2009).

Earth Haven is doing what is best for all, which means the land, the animals, plants, humans, without exception.

And we not only have a responsibility to the immediate land, and people, but also to all the lands and all the people of the Earth, that is why we will produce educational material, through videos, articles and photographs, that will document and show the process of our very first Earth Haven.