About Us

Who We Are

Earth Organisation for Sustainability – EOS – is a non-profit organization devoted to the research of alternative resource management and the implementation of ecological practices and technologies in order to create an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable future for humanity.

Our values are based on a deep commitment to life on Earth, and we seek to make possible a future where all human beings and the eco-systems of our beautiful planet can thrive together, through scientific methodologies and the formation of holarchic, participatory and inclusive practical projects on local and regional basis.

We believe that it is possible to form a future where we have a technologically, scientifically and socially advanced civilization that not only upholds life on Earth but actually helps ecosystems to recover, and also guarantee each human being what they need to thrive. We also believe that as a civilization we must evolve towards that goal during this century, or risk a new dark age for humanity.

We were incorporated as a non-profit organization in Sweden on the 6th of May 2006. Every person on Earth above 16 years of age is eligible to become an EOS member.


What We Do


How we are working

The EOS seeks to initiate projects that will improve local ecological & social sustainability. Our projects are designed to fit within and test hypotheses for a new kind of social system. Such projects include bio domes, fabrication labs, green energy projects, educational projects, migrant integration projects and aid programmes. Local EOS groups assess the needs of their local communities, then research and implement sustainable strategies to meet those needs and improve quality of life. We are growing the future, plant for plant.

What we aim to do

We aim to build a network of autonomous communities which are integrated into urban social environments. The goal is not to isolate ourselves, but to produce goods, services and well- being, in order to build a foundation where we can test the Design.

Why Do We Exist?

Life is unique in the universe, capable of deliberate activity and conservationism. As intelligent species, we should use our intelligence to act as stewards of life on Earth. However, our Universe is not well-suited for complex life, as it mostly consists of a cold and desolate void. Life evolves on planets, some even developing into garden worlds dominated by complex biospheres. Earth, a garden world, has evolved gradually for 3.5 billion years, but only during the last 600 million years that complex life has emerged. Life on Earth has experienced five cataclysmic events, but it has recovered and flourished. However, for the last two centuries, life has changed for the worse, with species dying out at a rate ten thousand times higher than normal today. The climate is changing rapidly, ocean eco-systems collapsing, and freshwater reservoirs are depleted. If this trend continues, most eco-systems will collapse around 2100 CE. EOS, a group of researchers and students, believes that the main cause for this ongoing extinction event is our dependence on exponential growth through a global debt-based economy.

The Team

Helping You Put Systems in Place that Work


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