The Future City Project: Ecolab

is a project is a project scheduled to take place during 2016 and 2017,and aims to construct a youth centre in Umeå, focused on programming, 3D-printing and design, where youths would attain valuable skills in project leadership and would be able to use printers, computers and other machinery to both aid them in their own collaborative projects as well as help facilitate local sustainability.

EOS Earth Resource Control Software (ERCS)

is a current project aiming to create a virtual map of the Earth’s natural resources and human resource usage. ERCS will be a global resource measuring software that measures global resource capacity in real time as well as past information of the same region/globe. Citizens globally will have the opportunity to use the software and in doing so have knowledge of the resource capacity available on Earth or the regions in which they consume.


Umeå Biodome

 is a successfully completed project that aimed to create a place for urban gardeners in the region to grow food, regardless of the temperature.