Annual General Meeting, Sunday the 23d of August 2020

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the most important organizational event for the EOS, and this year’s meeting – which will be held at 5.00 PM CET on the Sunday the 23d of August 2020 will even be more important, as it will represent our deepest institutional change since the incorporation of EOS in Sweden.

Reflecting the growth of our organization we have decided to implement a holonic model, meaning foremost the following changes:

  • Regional and national EOS organizations will be formed as a part of the wider movement, and will strive to branch out into holons.
  • Members will be tasked with recruiting 3-5 friends and forming their own local holons.
  • Each regional organization will have its own project website, whereas the global website will change into a website which primarily will contain information about the Design.
  • The Board will be replaced by an annually appointed AGM preparation committee which will sit for a period of 1 year and which will be tasked with the management of the global website and the preparation for the AGM.

The Annual General Meeting is moreover your greatest opportunity as an EOS member to exert an impact upon the organization. For now and until the 17th of August 2020 you can submit proposals for motions which should be brought up on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting.

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