The Logotype Crowdsourcing Project


Logotypes are supposed to serve multiple purposes. They are markers, representing associations, parties, companies and other formal social assemblies. They are also brands, which overtly or covertly aims to signal the values and goals of the associations they represent. Lastly, they are the visual representation of the associations in question in the physical world.

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Since March 2016, the EOS is temporarily using the Green Logo, featuring a green background with white stripes, over which a golden Earth is placed with two golden arrows around. The left half of the logo forms the letter “E”, the right half forms the letter “S” and the Earth and the arrows around it forms the letter “O”. This is an evolution of the previous “Blue Logo”, where the O is symbolizing the Sun and the blue is symbolizing the Sky.

The first Logotype we had, during our predecessor organisation the NET, featured a wreath which surrounded a fulcrum.

It was not good at all.

Now we are going to develop our logotype further, and in order to make a good choice, we have decided to crowd-source the design of the Logotype to the wider user-base on our Facebook Group.

This experiment is done to widen the pool of inspiration, as well as seeing what kind of ideas are popular today.


From the 7th of May to 6th of June, we will accept commissions of logotypes to

By the 7th of June, we are going to present the alternatives publically on our website and in the Facebook Group.

By the 11th of June, which is the Annual General Meeting, the Board will vote on our new logotype, per a board decision on the 6th of May 2016.

What you need to do to present a commission

Be a human being. ☺

The winning alternative

The winner will be known to have designed the EOS logotype, which would mean that when we start to grow exponentially the designer would forever be associated with that new logo. If they are a professional artist, or an aspiring artist, it could be positive for future commissions and for building a personal brand.

Also, it’s a fun thing. ☺

What the Earth Organisation for Sustainability is

As a movement, we combine idealism and realism. We aspire towards a sustainable future where all human beings can achieve their highest potential within the Earth’s carrying capacity, and where the eco-systems and the planetary bio-diversity can recover. To this end, we are advocating sustainable technologies, but also a transition from an unsustainable socio-economic system. We are working for a future where human beings have the time to be human.