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Who we are

Earth Organisation for Sustainability – EOS – is a non-profit organization devoted to the research of alternative resource management and the implementation of ecological practices and technologies in order to create an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable future for humanity.


Our values are based on a deep commitment to life on Earth, and we seek to make possible a future where all human beings and the eco-systems of our beautiful planet can thrive together, through scientific methodologies and the formation of holarchic, participatory and inclusive practical projects on local and regional basis.

We believe that it is possible to form a future where we have a technologically, scientifically and socially advanced civilization that not only upholds life on Earth but actually helps ecosystems to recover, and also guarantee each human being what they need to thrive. We also believe that as a civilization we must evolve towards that goal during this century, or risk a new dark age for humanity.

We were incorporated as a non-profit organization in Sweden on the 6th of May 2006. Every person on Earth above 16 years of age is eligible to become an EOS member.