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May 16, 2022

Covid-19: the Great Reset - A review

Introduction “Build Back Better”. The term has recently been in vogue, and used by governments…
March 30, 2022


Introduction Collapse is highly probable out come given our current socioeconomic system. If we want…


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February 08, 2022

The Hazards of Technological Determinism

Foreword The 2020’s, perhaps more than any prior decade, is characterized by self-contradictions – and…
November 13, 2021

Fairness and Energy Accounting

Foreword Usually, when we talk about Energy Accounting as a hypothetical alternative to capitalism, we…
May 25, 2020

Welcome to Planet Corona

Introduction The emergence of a global pandemic – in this case manifested as an extremely…
February 18, 2020

The abolition of capital – energy credits on the micro-economic level

Introduction Capital is power, and the nature of this power is access to resources. In…
July 24, 2019

Best in class – but the class is not sufficient

I grew up in Sweden, as did my parents before me. They told me of…