How can a transition to this system be achieved?


The Earth Organisation for Sustainability aims to construct a so-called Proto-Technate within the current economic system.

EOS will implement the principles of Energy Accounting (as described above under 'Economics') on a smaller scale within a Cooperative of otherwise normally functioning businesses. This will allow for synergistic cost-saving effects within the Cooperative and cause a competitive advantage. The first businesses will be founded by EOS, but everyone willing to adhere to the Cooperatives' principles and to use Energy Accounting will be invited to join and reap the economic benefits.

The important feature of this approach is that the main motivation to join the cooperative will be the cost-saving effect, the personal economic interest, which is a motivation originating from the current environment. The Cooperative does not rely on any ideological convictions and can therefore thrive within the current economic system until this very system it is made obsolete by the Cooperative and its use of Energy Accounting. Idealistically, this would be a gradual and smooth shift, implementing further features of the Technate along the way. However, EOS is aware that this will most likely not be such an easy process.

Posted 4 years agoby Bihil